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Air Conveyor
Air Conveyor
Air Conveyor
Air Conveyor

Air Conveyor


Newmapak Ltd’s air conveyor systems convey PET bottles with momentum from air jets in a stainless steel deck.  In addition to providing transportation, the system provides accumulation without product jamming or damage.  By storing the product, the air system allows process machines to operate independently.  The patented sequencing damper system allows for the world’s only two-pressure air conveyance system.


Start-Up :  One Time setup is fast and easy

Clean:  A single positioner and a single air line ensure a clutter-free installation

No Power Drop: The RAD box is 110 VAC

Easy self-Install: No wiring or sensors – complete instructions are provided

Maintenance Free: Only one moving part per positioner

Accurate: Plus or minus 1 mm

User Friendly: To add a setting, just enter the dimentionon the touch screen and save

Retrofit: Designed to upgrade existing conveyor systems

Customer Support: Turn-key installation and on-site technical assistance available upon request