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TMG Formec Speed
TMG Formec Speed

TMG Formec Speed


Vertical carton erector equipped with lower flaps sealing with adhesive tape or hot melt. Careful and simple manufacturing, capable of shaping a wide range of carton sizes.

Wide range of carton sizes possible

Due to streamlined and accurate construction, a medium production rate at a high level of reliability is possible for both small and large cartons and sizes in between.

Format change in 5 minutes

Due to the user-friendly adjustments in easy to reach positions the machine can quickly be changed to work with a new cartons size, particularly useful if a large number of cartons sizes are used.

Carton infeed whilst machine is running

The carton magazine is designed in such a way as to allow the carton blanks to be placed in the magazine whilst the machine is running.

Fault-finding for quick resolution of any difficulties

The machine program has a faultfinding diagnosis to help solve rapidly any problems should they occur


Speed cartons/hour up to 1500