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TMG Meta 1
TMG Meta 1
TMG Meta 1
TMG Meta 1

TMG Meta 1


Automatic packer designed to receive and arrange containers arriving from the filling section, pick them up in a desired quantity and format and pIace them in cartons or crates.


The machine stands out for its technology, level of automation and reliability. The work cycle is managed and controlled at every phase by P.L.C.

Compact and robust

Due to the care and attention taken in the design of the entire system with a protruding pick-up unit supported on the side and moved by a drive that is directly controlled by a vectorial inverter, which ensures a smooth sinusoidal movement during the different phases of the work cycle.


The machine is supplied with a single or double pick-up system depending on the dimensions of the product being handled, in addition the machine can be fitted with a variety of pick-up systems to work with a range of products and so better adapt to the needs of the customer.


Speed cycles/hour up to 600