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TMG Meta 2/5
TMG Meta 2/5
TMG Meta 2/5
TMG Meta 2/5

TMG Meta 2/5


Automatic packer designed to receive and arrange containers arriving from the filling section pick them up in a desired quantity and format and place them in cartons or crates.


In the inner structure of the machine there is a pick-up system that slides on side guides. The pick-up system moves with Sew gear motor operating with inverters which control speed during different phases of working cycles and ensure a smooth sinusoidal movement thanks to a constant electronic control on axles. The lever drive system is designed in order to stand mechanical stress due to hard work loading and it reduces movement maintenance. The machine stands out for its technology, level of automation and reliability. The work cycle is managed and controlled at every phase by P.L.C.

High production rate

The machine is supplied with one or more pick-up devices on an appropriately dimensioned structure to adapt to the maximum possible needs of each individual customer.

Different pick-up system

For standard bottles of wine, oil, water and liqueurs, pneumatic “bell” pick-up heads are normally used, which apply through a membrane, an adjustable pressure to the neck of the bottle, to prevent them dropping when they are picked up. For standard wine or beer bottles and by means of a touch screen set up, a single auto-dimensioning pick-up head unit for 2×3 and 3×4 carton formats can be offered to work with a range of bottles. For PET and PVC bottles, mechanical pincer pick-up heads with electro pneumatic control are normally used, where each pick-up head system is designed for each individual type of container. For cans, vacuum or magnetic pick-up heads are used.


Speed cycle/hour up to 600