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TMG Orion Mid
TMG Orion Mid

TMG Orion Mid


Case erector for American boxes suitable for automatic carton opening, lower flaps closing and carton sealing with hot melt or adhesive tape.


Activated by five servo-motors with working phases controlled by axles control position card.  It allows to work at continuous cycle, by keeping on a high preciseness and a constant speed output.

Autonomy of operation

Thanks to a modular cartons storage that may be adapted according to the different Customer needs, with a capacity up to 300 case cartons and a easy filling operation during working.

Quick format change

The machine is shortly adapted to a new format change over with some simple adjustments of hand wheels, situated in easy accessible positions. On request, the machine may be equipped with automatic adjustments operating after selection of the new format carton on the touch screen.

Minimal maintenance

Compared to machines with a similar production rate, the maintenance is minimal as lubrication is centralized and the machine program has automatic fault finding diagnosis to resolve rapidly any difficulties should they occur during operation.


Speed cartons/hour up to 2400