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TMG Orion


Carton erector designed to automatically open the carton, close the bottom flaps and seal them with either hot-melt glue or adhesive tape.


The movements of the work cycle are by a single gear motor which is optimized by an inverter and the various phases of the work cycle are controlled by encoder allowing a continuous work cycle to be carried with a high level of precision at a consistently high production rate.

High level autonomy

Due to the large capacity of the carton magazine which can hold up to 300 carton blanks and be loaded whilst the machine is running.

Quick format change

Due to the user-friendly adjustments, in easy positions to reach, the machine can quickly be changed to work with a new cartons size, particularly useful if a large number of cartons sizes are used.

Minimal maintenance

Compared to machines with a similar production rate maintenance is minimal as lubrication is centralized and the machine program has automatic fault finding diagnosis to resolve rapidly any difficulties should they occur during operation.


Speed cartons/hour up to 1800