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TMG Sirio 2S2 Line
TMG Sirio 2S2 Line

TMG Sirio 2S2 Line


Automatic palletizing line for shrink packs and cartons, high output with performing unit aligned, equipped with products handling devices for layer forming during machine functioning and low level loading system with blocked pallet.

Layer forming with handling devices

Multi-lanes infeed layer pre-forming with products handling devices during machine functioning for direct and move individual or double product. This handling system with axles controlled by Brushless geared motors allows the forming of layer with high speed reducing at the lowest crashes or stresses to the product in transfer, resulting suitable also for unstable and fragile products.

Closed pallet sides palletizing

Layer transfer between palletizer and pallet is realized by a trolley with ramprex movable table with central opening for aligning products on short pallet’ sides; in this way it’s possible to work closed sides pallets with central spaces.

Motorized side pressers

The side pressers are motorized and are controlled directly by the PLC. The machine can be easily adapted to new formats by simply choosing the program on the control panel.


Speed layer/hour up to 300