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The Babybloc is for rinsing, filling, and capping bottles. Three groups are housed in a single basement and are controlled by a single electrical panel. The machine has been designed for bottling wine and spirits.

The rinsing machine is equipped with 9 grippers, for lifting the bottles, of mechanical type, where the thrust by means of springs and the cam return is used. The rinsing turret is equipped with height adjustment by means of a manual handwheel located on the front of the machine; the motion is given by a motor equipped with an inverter; the filling machine is equipped with 8 taps and uses a liquid drop system. This babybloc can work autonomously or can be integrated into a bottling line. 

Possible configuration: 

Monobloc: 8rinser-1capper, 

Triblock : 9rinser-8filler-1capper, 12rinser-12filler-1capper

Quadblock: 9rinser-8filler-1capper-1capper, 12rinser-12filler-1capper-1capper

Filling technology: gravity filler suitable for spirits and still wines

Hourly production: from 450 to 1500 bottles/hour.

Closure: can be t-cork, natural cork, ROPP, crown

Cap Elevator: possible to be added for easy feeding of the cork in the hopper


  • Bottle diameter: from 55 to 115 mm
  • Bottle height: from 240 to 380 mm
  • Filling tank capacity 35 l
  • Cap diameter: 24 to 30 mm
  • Cap height: 30 to 50 mm
  • Capping hopper capacity: 800 caps
  • General power supply: 575V three-phase + neutral + ground, 60Hz or 220 single-phase + neutral + ground, 60Hz

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