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WHP/WHPE Isobaric Filler


Alfatek produces a wide range of Isobaric machine from 6 to 90 valves, both in the Mechanical WHP (Wine High Pressure) and the innovative electropneumatic WHPE (Wine High Pressure Electropneumatic) editions.


Isobarica meccanica

The mechanical isobaric machine produced by Alfatek are remarkable for some technical solutions that enable this Isobaric filler to be one of the most modern and functional on the market. They are particularly flexible, efficient and very easy to manage, requiring a simple maintenance. Comparing to the traditional system for the opening commanded by levers, Alfatek created an innovative system in which the opening is automatically made thanks to the pressure of the bottle brought by the lifting cam under the gasket of the nozzle. Without a bottle, the valve remains automatically closed without any need of a surveying system. The closure, the self-levelling and the removal of the gas are controlled by a single rotating device. Even for the changing of bottle size, alfatek simplified this operation thanks to an electrical or electronic adjustment of the height of the tank which is placed on some series of the machine.

The Isobaric mechanical valve by Alfatek is internationally patented.


  • Strengthened structure
  • New-concept patented isobaric valve
  • Bottle-holder piston anchored on the top with mechanical moving
  • Ring-shaped filling tank divided in independent sector and introduction of the central resting tank
  • Pre-evacuation new system of air from DEOX bottles


Isobarica elettropneumatica

It is the most innovative isobaric machine produced by Alfatek and it has been designed to meet specific needs of carbonated and foamy products.
The innovation of isobaric machine by Alfatek lies in a new electronic valve which allows to sped up the filling times in order to decrease the oxygen in the product.

The filling consists of the following phases:

  • Pre-evacuation
  • Pressurization
  • Valve opening
  • Filling
  • Self-levelling
  • Gas evacuation

The aforementioned phases are managed by solenoid valves which are controlled by PLC.

The electronic isobaric valve produced by ALFATEK is covered by international patent.


  • Strengthened structure
  • Bottle-holder piston anchored on the top with mechanical moving
  • Elimination of mechanical adjustments and valve times
  • Gas evacuation times parametrized by a Touch Screen
  • Lower format change over time
  • High flexibility of the machine
  • Disinfection with CIP of cleaning


Diagram of a filling system

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