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Logistics and Controls

Checks the presence of paper or plastic labels.

This checks for the presence of paper and plastic, glued and self-adhesive labels, neck labels and stamps, through optical sensors placed on the labelling machine. When the labels are wraparound labels or the bottles are shaped and the labels face outwards, the check can be made on the conveyor through in-line sensors. It can also be an extension of the level check. It drives both Logipush ejection systems and progressive Logisort diverters.


  • Photocell type optical sensors with adjustable supports.
  • Stainless steel structure with support from conveyor or the floor.
  • Microprocessor control electronics
  • Operator interface with backlit alphanumeric display or touch screen graphic display.
  • Continuous display of status of sensors and photocells.
  • Production statistics.
  • Count of rejects for each cause.
  • Industrial membrane keyboard.
  • Standard RS 232 communication; possibility to make many other types of communication.

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