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Logistics and Controls

Checks correct labelling by camera.

Regardless of the way the bottle is facing, this checks all its exterior "clothing", through a single high-resolution camera and a special optical unit designed and manufactured exclusively by us. This is the only system able to operate in-line with both cylindrical and shaped bottles.


  • Stand-alone system that can be placed on any bottling line immediately downstream of the labelling machine.
  • Special optical unit that allows the high-resolution camera to carry out a complete and simultaneous inspection of all the exterior "clothing" of the bottle.
  • Special high efficiency, long-lasting, pulsed LED lighting system.
  • Patented self-centring infeed guide.
  • Works with both cylindrical and shaped bottles.
  • It is not necessary to turn or handle the bottles.
  • No need to make collages of different images coming from different cameras.
  • A new bottle size does not require the bottle profile to be stored in memory.
  • Programming of a new size through self-learning of the sample image and selection of areas of interest.
  • Possibility to analyse the image for subsequent levels up to the details.
  • Possibility to store up to 1000 formats in memory.
  • Size changeover by simply calling up the bottle code.
  • Display of all the acceptance and rejection parameters.
  • Storage in memory and recall of the images of the last bottles that passed through or were rejected.
  • Display of all the causes of rejection.
  • Statistical information.
  • Fully solid-state Logics & Controls dedicated computer; does not need an UPS.
  • Possibility to control one-way ejection systems or progressive diverters to eject the containers onto the accumulation table and so guarantee their stability.


  • Checking label presence and orientation.
  • Checking of the position of the labels in relation to each other.
  • Checking of the graphic content, inclination and intactness of each label.
  • Checking, at several levels, of particular details such as texts or parts of them, codes, capacities and alcohol content.
  • Checking of the neck label and capsule.
  • Checking of the position of the labels in relation to a decoration in the glass.

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