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Logipush - Bottle Rejector

Logistics and Controls

Push ejector for sideways movement of the containers.

By means of a pneumatic cylinder, this pushes the defective container sideways onto an accumulation table or into a disposable container. It is possible to adjust the height, to adapt it to the container's centre of gravity, or adjust the depth, to come closer to the passing container.

There are the following models to choose from:

  • LP, standard ejector, up to 36,000 containers / hour
  • HP, high-speed ejector, up to 72,000 containers / hour

    It can be connected to any of our inspection systems because they are all able to dynamically manage the reject signal according to the instantaneous speed of the conveyor belt.

    For special requirements  (extrasmall or extralarge sizes, ejection onto a second chain, etc… ), a customized ejection system can be requested.

    Instead of using a push ejector like this one, it is advisable to choose the Logisort progressive diverter when a guarantee of container stability irrespective of speed, container shape and fill level, is required.

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