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Bottling Solutions for Distilled Spirits

No matter if we are dealing with vodka, whiskey or a viscous cream liqueur, Newmapak offer state-of-the-art equipment for every major step of the spirits bottling and packaging process.

Newmapak works hand in hand with artisanal distillers to help them scale to the rising demands of their changing production needs. We understand the importance and special care that must be provided to products with high alcohol content and that our bottling solutions must maintain the quality of said product. We accomplish this, by using equipment that preserves the aroma and allows minimal alcohol grade reduction.

Our machines are built with resistant and high-quality stainless-steel materials, ideal for the bottling of your liqueurs. We offer state-of-the-art systems capable of handling the unique-shaped bottles used in the spirits industry.

Complete range of Bottling and Packaging Equipment for spirits.

Newmapak provides a wide variety of high-quality filling systems for bottle liquid filling distilled products, craft distilling, and micro distilling industries such as:

  • Combination Pressure/Gravity filling machine for spirits
  • Low Vacuum filling machines
  • Electropneumatic liqueur filling machine

In addition, Newmapak also offers fully automatic bottling lines. From depalletizing to bottling and then to packaging. We help you find and integrate conveyors, rinsers, bottle filling machines, capping machines, bottle corking machines, capsuling machines. We also have labeling machines, inspection systems, case packing equipment and more for your distilling vodka, gin, rum, whiskey, tequila, mezcal, or other spirits. Newmapak offers a complete range of bottling equipment ranging from 400 to 36,000... Bottles per hour.

In Partnership with Innovative Craft spirits Bottling Manufacturers

Newmapak partners with award-winning European and North American manufacturers recognized for their excellence in design, reliability, and performance for the craft distillers bottling industry. Our partners include Bertolaso, APE, Della Toffola, and Z-italia as well as others. Since 1971 we have established long-lasting relationships with all our partners, which has enabled us to learn from their exceptional expertise and the ever evolving technological innovations that come with it.

In addition to this, Newmapak is a member of the American Distilling Institue: A community where we engage and learn to disseminate essential information regarding the art, business, and science of distilling to continue innovating our bottling systems. Today, with more than 4,000 projects delivered to small, mid-sized and multinational companies, Newmapak is among the biggest suppliers of production solutions in North America. Consistently providing a complete range of innovative bottling solutions for winemakers, distillers, brewers, and liquid food producers. Our goal is and always will remain to provide the best technologies for each project.

See all our equipment Brochure (PDF)

Partnership in innovative packaging solutions

Newmapak is authorized distributor of:

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