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TMG Sirio 2AS1
TMG Sirio 2AS1

TMG Sirio 2AS1


High-level automatic palletizer with movable pallet for high production. This machine is suitable for cartons and shrink-packed products. It is built to work in hard conditions, thanks to its rugged structure.

Two-entry infeed

Products arrive in a single line or more to the infeed table accordingly to output and are directed to the performing unit by means of an aligning device controlled by inverter
in order to grant a high production.

Controlled movement

The movement of the bags generated by the pushing device is controlled by an inverter to allow a soft start and quick return of the pusher to the bag waiting position.
The machine is equipped with a double pushing device with chain transmission system (typical of robot applications) to allow a quicker and more precise layer formation.

Motorized side pressers

The side pressers are motorized and are controlled directly by the PLC. The machine can be easily adapted to new formats by simply choosing the program on the control panel.


Speed layers/hour up to 420